Fun At The Planetario!!

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On Tuesday, Year One went on a trip to the Planetario in Madrid. Before going there, we had been talking with our teachers about space, the planets, the galaxy, and much more.  We wanted to share everything we knew about this topic to get ready for the trip. 

We Are Back In The Swimming Pool.

IMG 20171011 092831

Last week we started our swimming lessons in the swimming pool with Mr. Fran.

Yoga In Reception


As a close to our PE lessons, Reception has been introduced to some yoga poses. Teaching yoga has a very positive impact on children, as it helps them to:

Welcome Autumn

IMG 20170929 100252878 1

Although the summer weather does not apparently want to leave us, Reception has welcomed Autumn with great joy.

Look what artists we have in Year One!

These weeks we are learning about transports, and so, in our art classes we have been doing different activities related to that topic. 

Autumn Has Arrived In Pre Nursery

20170928 160616

The children in Pre Nursery have had lots of fun making these beautiful leaves using their hands. 



A big congratulations to 

Travel And Transport

20170927 115203

In Year 1 the children have been looking at the topic of Travel and Transport.



In Year 1 the children have been learning how to write their numbers to 20 and finding 'one more' than a number.

Science in Year 1


The children in Year 1 have been learning about the different parts of the body. As an introduction to the activity two children came up to the front of the class and the rest of the children labelled them using sticky labels. They all had a lot of fun.