Fun At The Planetario!!

IMG 20171010 112835

On Tuesday, Year One went on a trip to the Planetario in Madrid. Before going there, we had been talking with our teachers about space, the planets, the galaxy, and much more.  We wanted to share everything we knew about this topic to get ready for the trip. 

Finally, on Tuesday morning we took our bus to go to Madrid. We were so excited that we could not stop talking, shouting and singing. Our teachers had a great headache ;) 

At the planetario we saw a video and a projection on the ceiling. It was really entertaining and just at the right level for us to understand the concepts they explained. There were even some songs that kept us involved in the projection. 

Back at school we have been talking about what we saw, what the horizon is and we even created our own constellations!! 

Here we leave you some pictures so that you can see how much fun we had!!

IMG 20171011 113807    IMG 20171011 120732

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