Join The Jungle Explorers

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These past weeks both Reception classes became explorers and learnt about the jungle. Our role play areas changed totally to match our new topic and helped us observe and experiment with jungle animals, the plants we can find there, the objects we need to explore it and much more!
All through these weeks we have carried out different activities, all of them with the purpose that we can see, feel, and experiment what we are learning. We started learning about weight and we used balance scales to measure the jungle animals; finding out about heavier and lighter. We recorded our results by drawing it. We are great scientists as well!
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With Miss Philippa we continued practising our writing skills, and we wrote our own animal descriptions. It can be hard sometimes to describe an animal, but we can even write it, isn't that great?
New technologies are such a useful tool to find information and learn! They are a very important tool in our class. When we use them, we are so excited and happy that de don't even realise all the things we learn while having fun!
There are more things coming up soon. Don't miss it!
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